SINCE 1968

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Our Campus

Floor Facilities
7/F Classrooms for P.5E and P.6A to P.6E
6/F Classrooms for P.4D to P.4E and P.5A to P.5D, Student Activity Room
5/F Classrooms for P.3C to P.3E and P.4A to P.4C, Computer Room
4/F Classrooms for P.2B to P.2E and P.3A to P.3B, Activity Room, Conference Room
3/F Classrooms for P.1A to P.1E and P.2A, Library
2/F Medical Room, Administration Office, Student Activity Room,
School Hall
1/F Covered Playground, Scout Activity Room, Music Room,
Computer Room, Visual Arts Room, Audio Visual Room, PTA Room
G/F Yard, Covered Playground